USA Trip 2015 

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USA Trip 2015

Utah, Arizona, Nevada…For me these three names always meant the most amazing photography experience, almost out-of-the-world experience. Even though I have visited Grand Canyon a few times before I have never managed to go further to see Monument Valley, Canyonlands National Park or Bryce Canyon…Until September 2015 🙂

In less than 2 weeks we (again, my wife & me) managed to drive a big circle (start and end in Los Angeles). We have seen all National Parks of Utah, Arizona and Nevada, plus two State Parks and one Tribal Park. All in all it was roughly 2500 miles. Quite a lot if you also want to do some hiking, see sunrises and sunsets. But we have managed somehow, it was a crazy experience (doing on average 300 miles a day is pretty crazy) but it was worth it.


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