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My name is Karol Bryd, I’m a photographer and software developer based in Warsaw.

I have heard (and also seen) that a lot IT guys are also photographers, one of the explanations I have heard is that simply those guys can afford all those expensive lenses and camera bodies…Well, it was not the case with me.

I started seriously playing with photography around 2001. Indeed, I was an IT guy back then but I was living pretty modest life and it was difficult for me to buy even an used Canon camera body and some lens. Eventually I managed to buy something, it was Canon EOS 300 with, as it turned some time later, pretty cheap and bad lens: Canon 35-70 4.5-5.6. Oh, and before Canon I had a  Zenith with 50/1.8 lens. That was a lot of fun too, especially fighting with old Polish “Krokus” enlarger

Thanks to some guys I met back then my interest in photography grew on me even more, and it is like this up to this day. I usually don’t leave my home without camera gear. As you can see from photos in my gallery I focus on travel and nature photography. Looks like only the Nature has patience for me when I am behind a camera (my wife doesn’t! 🙂 )


To stay up to date with my photography, please visit my 500px. You can also follow me on Twitter and Google+ (although I am not too active there). And no, I am not on Facebook 🙂
There’s a blog I have dedicated to Enterprise Content Management (Documentum and Alfresco) programming, and not only. If you are interested please check it out. I also have a github.com account where you can find some of the Open Source software I am working on.

I am also on LinkedIn too.

If you feel like dropping me a line – don’t hesitate: karol /at/ karolbryd.com


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